How do I know if I have a peer review assignment to complete using Assignment Enhancements as a student?

Your instructor can assign you to review another student's assignment. You can view peer review notifications in Canvas in the Recent Activity Stream, the To Do list, and from the individual assignment page. Once peer reviews are assigned, you will also be notified via email.

Learn how to submit a peer review assignment using Assignment Enhancements.


  • Your instructor may choose to hide the Assignments link in Course Navigation. If the Assignments link is not available, you can still access assignments through your user or course dashboard, the Syllabus, Gradebook, Calendar, or Modules.
  • Observers can view all content from submitted assignments. However, observers cannot view assignment drafts.
  • Assignment Enhancements does not support Cloud Assignments.
  • If the assignment you are accessing displays differently, Assignment Enhancements and/or Peer Review Support may not be enabled in your course or your instructor may not have used a supported assignment type.

View Dashboard

Once a peer review is assigned to you, a notification appears in several dashboard areas.

View Recent Activity

On your Dashboard, you can view recent activity in your Global Activity stream. Recent activity displays a peer review and the name of the course. Click the Show More link to access the assignment and view the name of the peer review student.

If a peer review is anonymous, the name will show as Anonymous User.

View To Do List

View To Do List

On both the Dashboard and the Course Home Page sidebar, the To Do list shows the peer review assignment [1]. Peer reviews are identified with the Peer Review icon [2]. To view the assignment for review, click the Peer Review for [Assignment Name] link.

Note: Currently the Due Date in the To Do List does not accurately display the due date for completing your peer review. If details about your peer review are not already included in the details of your assignment, please contact your instructor.

Open Assignments

Open Assignments

You can also view peer reviews when viewing assignments. In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link.

Note: You can also access your Assignments through your Dashboard, Course Activity Stream, the Syllabus, Gradebook, Calendar, or Modules.

View Peer Review Assignment

In the Assignment Index page, you can view any peer reviews assigned to you. To open the peer review, click the Required Peer Review link [1].

If your peer review is anonymous, the student's name displays as Anonymous Student [2].

View Assignment Peer Reviews

View Assignment Peer Reviews

In an open assignment, you can view the status of any peer reviews assigned to you. To view peer review assignments, click the Required Peer Reviews drop-down menu [1]. You can view peer reviews that are ready to review [2], not yet submitted but require peer review [3], and completed peer reviews [4].