How do I annotate a file as an assignment submission using Assignment Enhancements?

Your instructor may upload a file for you to annotate as your assignment submission. You can annotate the file and submit it as your assignment submission using Assignment Enhancements.


  • If the assignment you are accessing displays differently, Assignment Enhancements may not be enabled in your course or your instructor may not have used a supported assignment type. Please view this guide for more information.
  • For instruction on completing an assignment, view the assignment details or contact your instructor for assistance.
  • Group assignments do not support the student annotation submission type.

Open Assignments

Open Assignments

In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link.

Open Assignment

Click the title of the assignment.

Select Submission Type

Select Submission Type

Your instructor may specify which submission types are appropriate for each assignment.

In the Choose a submission type section [1], click the Annotation button [2].

If your instructor only allows Annotation submissions, DocViewer may display in place of the Choose a submission type section.


  • If the Annotation option does not display in the Choose a submission type section, your instructor has restricted this submission type.
  • Not all of your assignments may be submitted online. If you cannot see options to submit your work, your instructor may want you to submit your assignment in a different way or the assignment is not within its availability dates. View the assignment header and details for instructions, or contact your instructor for assistance.

Annotate Assignment

Annotate Assignment

To annotate your assignment submission, use the annotation tools in the DocViewer menu. Learn more about how to use DocViewer.

To download the file, click the Download icon [1].

To rotate the document clockwise by 90 degrees, click the Rotate icon [2].

To zoom in or out, click the Zoom in or Zoom out icons [3].

To view the document in full screen, click the Fullscreen icon [4].

To select and move annotations, click the Selection icon [5].

To add a point annotation, click the Point Annotation icon [6].

To add a highlight annotation, click the Highlight Annotation icon [7].

To add a text annotation, click the Freetext Annotation icon [8].

To add a strikeout annotation, click the Strikeout Annotation icon [9].

To add a drawing annotation, click the Free Draw Annotation icon [10].

To add an area annotation, click the Area Annotation icon [11].

Submit Assignment

Submit Assignment

To submit your assignment, click the Submit Assignment button.

View Submission

When your submission is successfully submitted, the Progress Tracker displays a Submitted status [1] and your most recent submission displays in a read-only format [2].

If you choose, you may resubmit another version of your assignment using the New Attempt button [3].

If you've submitted multiple assignment submissions, you can view previous submissions by clicking the Attempt drop-down [4].

To view add an assignment comment for your instructor, click the Add Comment button [5].


  • If you're not able to resubmit work, your assignment may no longer be accepting submissions due to the assignment's availability dates.
  • Once you've submitted your work, the assignment will still display in the Assignments page and the Syllabus.