How do I use shared notes in a conference as a participant?

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You can contribute to shared notes as part of a conference. The shared notes feature allows you to collaborate with other users during the presentation. Shared notes are accessed via the Shared Notes layout.

Your conference presenter may also create additional shared notes for the conference. Each shared notes window is treated as a separate document.


  • Notes are not recorded as part of a presentation.
  • Shared notes must be downloaded before the conference has ended.

Open Shared Notes Layout

Open Closed Caption Layout

In the Layout menu, select the Shared Notes option.

View Shared Notes

View Closed Caption

Shared notes can be added in the Shared Notes window at any time. Your presenter does not need to do anything to allow you to enter shared notes with others in the conference.

View Notes Options

View Notes Options

To create a shared note, type your notes in the text field [1].

To undo or redo your notes, click the Undo or Redo buttons [2]. Note that when others are participating, these buttons affect the last user who contributed to the notes as if the same person were typing all the content.

To open a text formatting toolbar, click the Toolbar button [3]. You can select the font type, font size, font style, and text alignment. To close the toolbar, click the button again.

Before the session ends, you can download the notes with the Download button [4]. Notes can be downloaded as formatted text (.html) or plain text (.txt).

You can also view when another user is typing in the notes window [5].

View Additional Shared Notes

View Additional Shared Notes

Your presenter may create up to two additional Shared Notes windows for the presentation. These additional windows display as a popout window regardless of your conference layout [1].

Each shared notes window is a separate document. If you want to save content from any of the notes windows, you will have to download each notes document separately.

Like all conference windows, you can reposition the additional note windows anywhere in your browser. The notes window can also be minimized or maximized in the browser [2].

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