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I have always appreciated that Canvas takes accessibility seriously, as evidenced in their Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, community efforts and frequent mentions of accessibility in their release notes it is clear that accessibility of the product is a priority. 

That said, there are also lots of opportunities for additional features impacting students with disabilities to be developed. While you can find many of these ideas in the Ideas Conversations searching for the #accessibility tag,   this document can hopefully be a resource to help organize and track some of those features. This document is open to anyone to edit so feel free to add any features that have been missed or leave a note in the comments. 

If you agree with any of the feature ideas below please take a minute to add your vote. Also, if you have ideas for additional features that have not been added please to add a new feature and add the link below! 

Accessibility Feature Request Resources

  1. How does the feature idea process work in the Canvas Community?
  2. Accessibility Group 
  3. Feature ideas tagged with accessibility, disability, or accommodation

Features Sorted by Component/Issue

General Accessibility

  1. Tool to check Accessibility at the course level
  2. Accessibility Enhancements for Permissions Icons
  3. Dyslexie font for dyslexic folks - A setting option to change the font display?
  4. Tag IEP and 504 students in SpeedGrader
  5. Default Font Adjustment for WYSIWYG Text Entry
  6. Provide official support for Kurzweil screen readers
  7. Immersive Reader for Mobile Devices
  8. Improve Student DocViewer Comment View/Accessibility

Color Contrast

  1. Hyperlink Color Contrast
  2. High contrast colors for analytics
  3. Insufficient Contrast Ratio - dates for recent accouncements in course homepage
  4. Contrast Ratio - published buttons, discussion subscription buttons, and "Course is Published" text


  1. Provide a method to determine which courses are using New Quizzes
  2. Speech to Text in New Quizzes
  3. New Quizzes: Quiz Availability & Extended Time
  4. New Quizzes: pause button for students with extra time
  5. New Quizzes: Improve time limit function
  6. New Quizzes: Quiz Accommodation to Reduce Answer Choices


  1. Add alt text at the file level
  2. Default Alt-Text on Uploaded Images


  1. Captioning in Studio at the Bottom of the Video
  2. Closed Caption editing in ARC
  3. Improve Captioning Editing in Studio
  4. Student Video Submission Transcript Feature
  5. New API to fetch captions from Canvas Studio
  6. Adapt closed captions font size in Studio
  7. Search and replace in captions editor


  1. Make Canvas Catalog Accessible

Completed Accessibility Features

  1. Always allow extra time for specific students (IEP, LEP, etc.)
  2. Images – Easier Way to add ALT Text
  3. Alt Text "Decorative Image" Option in Rich Content Editor
  4. High Contrast Toggle
  5. Change Color of Help Menu Font
  6. Scroll bar tone
  7. Ability to Moderate a Quizzes.Next Quiz Before a Student Accesses a Quiz
  8. Make Math Equation Editor Accessible
  9. New RCE alt-text option before image is inserted
  10. Expanding Support for Accessible HTML 5 Section Elements
  11. Change Color of Help Menu Font
  12. Disability students extra time on quizzes

Archived Accessibility Ideas

  1. Adding Accessibility in Canvas Quizzes
  2. Account Notification Settings - hidden descriptive text needs a visual indicator or icon
  3. Separate Audio & Video upload options in the "Upload Media" tool (accessibility concerns)
  4. Bulk Quiz moderation: Setting extra time for a student for all the quizzes
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Excellent resource! Thanks for putting this together and getting the ball rolling...

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Christopher, thank you for your leadership on these important issues.