How do I view a thread in Announcements Redesign as a student?

You can view announcement replies below the announcement and threaded announcement replies in the Thread sidebar.

If announcement replies are enabled by your instructor, you can respond to an announcement or respond to a reply thread. When responding to a thread, you can quote a threaded reply.

Note: If the Reply options do not display, your instructor has not enabled replies for the announcement.

Open Announcements

Open Announcements

In Course Navigation, click the Announcements link.

Open Announcement

Click the name of the announcement.

View Threaded Replies

If course users have replied to an announcement reply, you can view the reply thread by clicking # of replies link [1].

The Thread sidebar displays threaded replies [2] including the name of the user who posted the reply [3] and the date and time the reply was posted [4].

Quote Threaded Reply

Quote Threaded Reply

To reply to a thread, click the Reply link [1].

To create a reply that includes quoted text from a threaded reply, click the reply's Quote link [2].

Post a Message

Post a Message

To enter your reply, links, photos, equations, and/or media, or @mention course users, use the Rich Content Editor [1].

If you chose to quote a threaded reply, the Include quoted reply in message toggle displays and is enabled by default [2]. To exclude quoted text from your response, disable quoting by deselecting the Include quoted reply in message toggle.  

To post your reply, click the Reply button [3].

View Your Reply

To view your reply, click the # of replies link [1].

Your reply displays in the Thread sidebar [2].

To view threaded replies options, click the Options icon [3]. You can mark replies as read/unread, mark threaded replies as read/unread, or return to the topic.