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Canvas Student Release Notes (iOS 3.20)

Canvas Student Release Notes (iOS 3.20)

In this update, the Canvas Student app supports a grades widget on iOS devices.

Download the Canvas Student app in the iTunes Store. Version 3.20 requires iOS 10.0 or later.

New Features



Grades Widget

The Canvas Student app supports a grades widget for iOS devices. This widget displays a student's current grade for up to eight courses. Tapping the name of a course in the widget will open the course grades in the Student app. 


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Is anyone seeing Calendar Event details in this release? I can see the title and date/time/location, but not the details text box.

Hello  @luy3001 ,

My apologies for the late response. I overheard someone in Canvas Support saying they were experiencing the same issue. Would you mind using the Report a Problem link from the app to inform them that you are seeing the same thing. This would allow someone to look into it further and provide you with updates. Thanks!

Hello everyone,

We released a new version of the Canvas Student app for iOS. Release notes can be found here:‌. Comments will now be closed on this page. Any comments about the app should be made on the most current version of the release notes. Thank you!