How do I attach a media comment to a message as a student?

You can record or upload video and audio files as part of your Inbox messages.

For more information about supported uploaded media types, please see the Canvas Media Files lesson.

Note: Attachments appear in your user files in the Conversation Attachments folder and count against the files limit for your account.

Open Inbox

Open Inbox

In Global Navigation, click the Inbox link.

Compose Message

To start a new message, click the Compose icon.

Open Media

Open Media

To attach a media comment or file, click the Media icon.

Record Media Comment

A pop-up window will appear in your browser. If you see a message from requesting access, click the Allow button.

Click the Record tab [1]. Select your preferred media method: record with microphone [2] or record with webcam [3]. When you're ready to record, click the Start Recording button [4].

Create Recording

The timer with the dot indicates you are recording your media comment, as well as the length of the comment [1]. Once you are finished recording, click the Finish button [2].

Save Recording

Before you attach the media comment, you have the chance to review it.

In the file name field, enter a name for your media comment [1].

If you want to re-record the recording, click the Start Over button [2].If you are happy with the result, click the Save Media button [3].

Upload Media Comment

If you have a previously recorded media file, you can upload it as part of your message. Click the Computer tab [1]. Click or drag and drop a media file to media uploader to upload a file from your computer [2].

Upload Media File

Upload Media File

Locate the media file on your computer. Click the Open button.

Send Message

Send Message

Your media comment displays in your message [1]. If you want to remove the comment, click the Remove icon [2] to remove it from the message. When you are finished, click the Send button [3].

View Media Comment

The media comment displays below the message.