How do I embed a Lucid document in the Rich Content Editor as a student?

You can embed a Lucid document in the Rich Content Editor using the Lucid toolbar button.

With your Canvas account, you get free full access to the Lucid Education Suite apps Lucidchart and Lucidspark. Lucidchart is an intelligent diagramming application that allows you to visualize complex ideas, systems, and processes. Lucidspark is a virtual whiteboard application that enables teams to ideate, design, and build better ideas.

Before accessing Lucid from within Canvas, you must set up and connect your free Lucid account.


Open Rich Content Editor

Open the Rich Content Editor when using one of the Canvas features that support the Editor.

Note: The Rich Content Editor supports keyboard shortcuts. To view the Keyboard Shortcuts menu, click the Keyboard icon or press ALT+F8 (PC keyboard) or Option+F8 (Mac keyboard).

Open Lucid

To open Lucid, click the Lucid app icon [1].


  • To view the Lucid icon, you may have to click the Options icon [2]. If the icon still does not display, Lucid may not be enabled for your institution.
  • You can also access Lucid in the Rich Content Editor as you would to embed any document from an external app.
  • If this is the first time you are accessing Lucid from Canvas in this course, you may be required to answer questions about your role and age. You may also be required to set up and connect to a Lucid account.

Select File

Select a file [1] and click the Continue button [2].

Select Embed Settings

You can select the type of access others have to your embedded document.

In Access Settings, click one of the following radio buttons:

  • Edit [1]: other users can edit, view, or leave comments in the embedded document.
  • Comment only [2]: other users can view the embedded document and add comments.
  • View only [3]: other user can view the embedded document.

Click the Insert button [4].

Select View Only Options

Select View Only Options

If you choose the View only access setting, you can choose which pages to display [1] and which Lucid viewer type to use [2].

To enable or disable the embedded document to automatically update, click the Automatically update the document when the integration loads checkbox [3].

Insert File

Insert File

To embed the file, click the Insert button.

View Embedded File

View the embedded Lucid document in the Rich Content Editor.

Save Changes

Save Changes

Click the Save button.


  • The assignment, discussion, pages, and quizzes details pages display a Save & Publish button.
  • The Syllabus page displays an Update Syllabus button.
  • Discussion replies display a Post Reply button.