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Awarding and claiming a badge using QR and claim codes

Awarding and claiming a badge using QR and claim codes

QR and claim codes are a feature of Badgr Pro. Users may award badges with a URL and claim code or a scannable QR code.

Creating a claim code

  1. While signed in to your Badgr account, select the Badgr logo in the upper left, and select your organization from the drop-down menu to navigate to your organization's space.
  1. Then select an organization issuer from the Issuer tab, and select the badge for which you want to make a QR or claim code.
  2. Select the Claim code tab from the badge detail page.

4. Once you have clicked the Create claim code button, you may optionally add an expiration date or limit the number of times your badge can be claimed. Enter this information, if desired, and select the Create claim code button.

Creating a claim code

5. Now, you will be presented with a QR code image, claim code and claim URL. Users can select Edit to adjust expiration dates and claim limits.

Creating a claim code

6. After selecting the Done button, the claim code will appear on the Claim code tab. You can see under the Status column if the claim code is active or deactivated. To change the status, delete or edit the claim code, select the ellipses on the right to open the drop menu.

Awarding a badge using a QR or claim code

Some android users may not be able to identify a QR code with their device's camera. You may wish to include the claim URL along with the QR code image when awarding badges. The claim code can be used in two different ways to award a badge.

  1. Claim URL: When editing the QR code, you can copy the claim URL. Include this information near the QR code so users can enter the URL to claim their badge.
  2. Claim URL and Claim code: Recipients may have difficulty copying the entire URL correctly. You can break this into two steps by directing users to your organization page's URL and add /claim (e.g., Once users enter this URL, they will be prompted to enter the 10 digit claim code.

If you are creating a document for an onsite badge award, your page may look something like this: Claiming a badge using QR or claim code

Creating a claim code

To claim a badge using a QR code, users will need to scan the QR code with their phone. Once scanned, users will be taken to the specific claim page for that badge. There, users will be able to choose which email they would like the badge awarded to. If users are already signed in to their Badgr account, a drop-down list will be available to choose one of their verified emails to award the badge to.

Claim codes

Badges can also be awarded using the claim code. Issuers may provide the claim code in one of two ways.

  1. The issuer may only provide the 10 digit claim code to recipients. If you've received a 10 digit claim code, go to and enter the claim code provided by the issuer. If your issuer is on a different server than the U.S., you will need to use a different URL to claim your badge (Australia:, Europe:, Canada:
  1. The issuer may provide recipients with the badge's specific claim URL. This URL already contains the claim code and will open a badge claim page where users can enter their email address to claim their badge.

If you've entered an incorrect claim code, you may receive an error message. If you encounter an error message when trying to claim a badge you believe you have earned, please contact your issuer for more information.

Claim codes
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