How do I manage a group within the Credentials LTI?

The Groups feature in Credentials Pathways is used to organize badge recipients into different segments or cohorts to be tracked along a Learning Pathway.

Open Setup

Open Setup

 In the Groups drop-down menu [1], click the Setup link [2].

Edit Group

To manage a group, click the Options icon [1] and then click the Edit group link [2].

Manage Group

Type a name for the group in the name field [1] and add a description in the description field [2].

To add a end date for your group to be automatically archived, click the Calendar icon [3].

To add a end date to sync with your Canvas course dates, click the Sync with course dates radio button [4].

To make the group visible to learners, click the Visible to learners checkbox [5].

When enabled at the organization level, an Enable Learner Record from this Group checkbox displays. To enable the learner record for the group, click the Enable Learner Record for This Group checkbox [6].


  • When a group is created the end date can run up to six years.
  • Syncing course dates is only available for the Canvas LMS.

Save Group

Save Group

To save the group, click Save button.