How do I manage pathway subscriptions for a Canvas Credentials Group?

In Canvas Credentials, you can subscribe and unsubscribe all learners in a Group to Pathways. You must create and publish a pathway in Canvas Credentials before it can be added to a Group.

Open Setup

Open Setup

In the Group drop-down menu [1], click the Setup link [2].

Open Pathways

Click the Pathways tab.

Add Pathway

To add a pathway to the group, click the Add Pathway button.

Select Pathway to Add

Select Pathway

In the Add pathway window, you can view the existing pathways available.

In the Search Pathways field, enter the pathway name and press the return or enter key [1]. To add a pathway, select an existing pathway by clicking the radio button next to the name [2]. Click the Add pathway button [3].

Confirm Pathway

Confirm Pathway

To confirm the pathway you want to add, click the Add Pathway button. Learners always receive a notification email when they are subscribed to a pathway.

View Pathways Connected to Group

You can view the pathways connected to this group. Each pathway displays the number of learners in the group who have completed the pathway.

Unsubscribe Group from Pathway

To unsubscribe a group from a pathway, click the Options icon [1] and click the Unsubscribe Pathway link [2].