How do I import a Canvas badge?

You can import a badge through a file, a URL, or JSON code. Import a badge when you want to award the same set of badges on different regional Canvas Badges servers or when different issuers must award the same badge.

Note: You can export a badge from one issuer and then import it under another.

Open Issuer

To open an issuer, click the View Issuer button.

Import Badge

To import a badge, click the Options icon [1] and click the Import Badge link [2].

Select Import type

To import a badge, you can import a file, add a badge URL, or enter badge JSON code.

To import a badge file, click the file uploader [1].

To add a badge URL, enter it in the Open Badges URL field [2].

To add badge JSON code, enter or paste it into the Open Badges JSON field [3].

Import Badge

Import Badge

To save the badge to the issuer, click Import Badge.

View New Badge

View New Badge

The new badge displays on the page with the creation date.