How do I use the organization dashboard in Canvas Credentials?

As an organization administrator, you can manage and adjust your Canvas Credentials organization.

Open Organization

Open Organization

In Canvas Credentials Navigation, click the Select Space drop-down menu [1] and then click the Organization link [2].

View Dashboard

In the Dashboard tab [1], you can view analytics [2], check your subscription [3], view members [3], and add admins [5].

To edit the organization, click the Options icon [6].

View My Records

In the My Records tab, you can view badges and pathways you have completed and have the ability to share them.

Note: Learner Record setting must be enable in the organization settings.

View My Badges

In the My Badges tab, you can view all your earned badges.

View My Pathways

In the My Pathways tab, you can view the pathways you are subscribed to.

View Issuers

In the Issuer tab, you can view, add, and manage your issuers in your organization.