Canvas Credentials Training Course

Build expertise in digital credentials and the Canvas Credentials platform with the leading learning platform for Canvas Credentials clients.

Get expert advice from our experienced team who will work with you to implement an engaging program for your participants and organization. Learn from thought leaders and trailblazers in the digital credentialing space.

Enrolling in Canvas Credentials Training Course provides you and your team with unlimited access to all of the learning experiences, and resources offered in the course. The course is online, self-guided, and interactive, with opportunities to engage with peers and our team of instructors in each module. You’ll earn badges along pathways as you build expertise in the Canvas Credentials platform and prepare to launch a successful badging program.

Canvas Credentials Training Course

Your journey with Canvas Credentials begins with enrollment in the Canvas Credentials Training Course. Check out this sampling below of the courses that you’ll engage in as a Canvas Credentials Training Course learner.

Course modules 

  1. Organizational Admin Tools
  2. Issuers
  3. Badges
  4. Pathways and Groups
  5. Putting it all together

Learning outcomes

  1. Access and describe your Canvas Credentials organization, including issuers, badges, and group membership.
  2. Manage Canvas Credentials organization issuers and members sustainably and at scale.
  3. Implement best practices for setting up an efficient and easy badging program.
  4. Design, award, and manage badges following proven best practices.
  5. Build pathways that unlock the power of stackable digital credentials.
  6. Empower your badge earners to create a Learner Record and share their earned badges 
  7. Integrate Canvas Credentials with your LMS to automate badge awards and gamify your learning experiences.
  8. Provide the Canvas Badges/Credentials implementation team with the information they need to set up your white label and SSO.