FAQ: What happens to a user's Canvas Studio media after they leave my institution?

Do admins have access to a user's Canvas Studio media if the user leaves the institution?

Yes, admins can access a user's Canvas Studio media at the course level. An admin can also export Canvas Studio media.

Admins can also ask the faculty member or student leaving the institution to group their media in a collection and share the collection with the admin.

Does a user's Canvas Studio media stay at the course level?

Yes, the user's media is associated with their user role. If a course-level user uploads or adds media to their library in Canvas Studio, their media is also accessible at the course level.

If a user has left my institution, can their videos be imported and exported to future courses?

Yes, you can make a course copy of their course and the existing embedded videos will be preserved. If the existing embedded videos are not preserved in the course copy, contact Canvas Support for help.

Copied courses can also be exported and used for import.