How do I install the Screencast-o-Matic screen capture application?

The Screencast-o-Matic screen capture application can be downloaded and installed on both Microsoft Windows and Mac computers.

As an IT admin, you can install the screen capture application for Studio on common-use computers. You also have the option to silently install the screen capture application on users’ computers within your organization.

Note: Screencast-o-Matic is required to record screen captures using Safari or Firefox browsers. It can also be used with Chrome or Edge browsers,  but for those users, the Canvas Studio Capture option is recommended.

Download Installer for Windows

To download the screen capture application for Windows, open the following URL:

Once the installer is downloaded, run it with the /S install option to silently install the package to the computers.


  • The version number of the downloaded installer may change. Confirm the version number in the download before running the silent install command.
  • This installer requires admin privileges. A version that doesn't require admin privileges is available from Studio while accessing the Screen Capture option.
  • Silent install is compatible with device management software such as Intune or Airwatch. Installs are updated automatically, so maintenance of upgrades will be minimal. No other configuration options are required during install as further options are set up and synchronized automatically once a user launches the application.

Download for Mac

To download the screen capture application for Mac, open the following url:

To install the application, open the downloaded dmg file and start the “Screen Recorder Launcher Setup” from the Finder window.

Note: This installer works with both admin and non-admin privileges.