How do I link Canvas Studio to professional captioning services as an admin?

As a Canvas Studio admin, you can manage API links to professional captioning services in Studio Settings.

Note: Professional captioning is only available if your district contracts with professional captioning services Verbit or Cielo24.

Open Studio Settings

Open Studio Settings

In Canvas Studio, click the Navigation Menu icon [1], then click the Settings link [2].

Open Captioning Services

Click the Captioning services tab.

Enter API Settings

To link Canvas Studio to your professional captioning service by entering an API key, click the API settings header [1].

Enter the API key provided by the captioning service in the API key field [2]. Then, enter the provided Secret key in the Secret key field [3].

Manage API Keys

To manage API keys, click the Options button [1].

To unlink your Canvas Studio account from the captioning service, click the Unlink option [2].

To delete existing API keys and generate new keys, click the Generate new API keys option [3]. When Generate new API keys is selected, a confirmation window displays. When new API keys are generated, the existing keys are deleted and the new keys must be updated on the captioning provider's site. This action can not be undone. To confirm that you wish to generate new keys, click the Generate button [4].

To copy a key, click the Copy button [5].

To view the hidden Secret key, click the View button [6].