How do I record a webcam video in Canvas Studio using a Chrome or Edge browser?

Canvas Studio Capture for Chrome and Edge browsers is an integrated screen capture option currently available to Canvas customers using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers. In addition to recording screen capture video, Canvas Studio capture can be used to record video with a webcam.  

Canvas Studio Capture for Chrome and Edge browsers has expanded recovery features to save partial recordings that are interrupted by a browser crash or power outage, and to continue recording using your computer memory in the event of a loss of connectivity.  Learn more about Canvas Studio Capture recovery features.

Note: This lesson is for users with Chrome or Edge browsers only. Learn more about recording Canvas Studio video using a webcam with Safari or Firefox browsers.

Open Studio Capture  

Open Record Menu

In your Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser window, click the Record button [1]. Then, click the Studio Capture link [2].

Allow Access

Allow Access Chrome and Firefox

To give access to your computer's microphone and camera, click the Allow button.

Set Recording Options

Set Recording Options

To select a camera, click the Camera drop-down menu [1]. To record audio only, click the Webcam Disabled option [2].

To select a microphone, click the Microphone drop-down menu [3]. To record using your computer's microphone, click the (Computer Name) Microphone link [4]. To record using Zoom audio, click the ZoomAudioDevice (Virtual) link [4]. To record video without sound, click the Microphone Disabled link [6].  

Begin Recording

Start Recording

Click the Start Recording button.

Pause Recording

Pause Recording

Click the Pause button.

Continue Recording

Continue Recording

The recording paused message displays [1].

To continue recording, click the Continue button[2].

End Recording

End Recording

Click the Finish button.

Preview and Save

Preview and Save

To preview the recording, click the Play button [1]. To navigate forward and back in the recording, hover your cursor over the timestamp bar and slide the cursor to the part of the recording you wish to view [2].

To rename the recording file, enter text in the Title field [3].

To delete the video and begin a new recording, click the Start Over button [4].

To save the recording, click the Save Media button [5].

View in Media Library

The  saved recording displays in your media library.