How do I manage Canvas Studio settings as an admin?

As a Canvas Studio admin, you can manage your institution's Studio settings. From Studio Settings you can view and manage user role permissions, and manage user groups, conference tool integrations and captioning services. You can also view Studio integrations, view and manage developer keys, manage and add studio users, and view and manage LTI keys.

Note: Captioning services are only available if your district contracts with a professional captioning service. If your district does not have a professional captioning contract, Instructure may be able to provide one for you. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Open Studio Settings

Open Studio Settings

Click the Navigation Menu icon [1], then click the Settings link [2].

View Admin Settings

You can view and manage the following Canvas Studio settings:

  • General [1]: manage general defaults for embedding media.
  • Permissions [2]: manage user role permissions for the Canvas Studio default user roles.  
  • Groups [3]: view, create, and manage user groups for your institution.
  • Conferences [4]: view and manage conference tool integrations for your institution. Currently, Canvas Studio supports a Zoom app integration for conferences.
  • Captioning Services (if available)[5]: Manage API settings and create and assign user roles for professional captioning services.
  • Integrations [6]: view a list of third-party applications you have authorized to access Studio on your behalf.
  • Developer Keys [7]: view and manage third-party application and custom integration developer keys for your Canvas Studio account.
  • Studio Users [8]: view and manage user accounts in your Canvas Studio account.
  • LTI Keys [9]: view and manage your Canvas Studio LTI keys for Studio integrations.