How do I view Canvas Studio video quiz results for individual students?

You can view Canvas Studio video quiz results for individual students in Canvas. The Student Results report displays a chart of all students and their data. You can also view individual student answers.

For overall quiz and item analysis results, view the quiz and item analysis report.

Open Embedded Video

Open Embedded Video

Open the Canvas feature area that contains the embedded Studio quiz you want to view.

Open Quiz Results

Click the Quiz Results tab.

Note:  If the Quiz Results tab does not display, this feature has not been enabled in your account. Please contact your admin for more information.

Open Student Results Report

Open Student Results

Click the Quiz Reports drop-down menu [1]. Then, select the Student Results option [2].

Note: The Quiz and Item Analysis option allows you to view overall quiz and item analysis data.

View Summarized Student Results

View Summarized Student Results

The Student Results page displays a list of all students who have submitted the quiz [1].

You can also view each student's quiz attempts [2], their quiz grade [3], the time a student spent taking the quiz [4], and the date the quiz was submitted [5].

To view an individual student's quiz attempt, click an Attempt link next to the student's name [6].

Note: If there is more than one student attempt, you can view results from any attempt [7].

View Detailed Student Results

View Detailed Student Results

In the Results section [1], you can view a summary of the student's quiz attempt, including their score percentage, the number of points earned for correct answers, and the time the student spent taking the quiz.

In the Your Answers section [2], you can view the student's answers for each quiz question.

To return to the Student Results, click the Back to Students link [3].