How do I use the Caption Editor to edit a caption file?

In Canvas Studio, if your media includes a caption file, you can search and edit caption text in the caption editor. Caption files can be uploaded from your computer, or auto-generated.

Open Media

Locate the media you want to edit on the My Library page [1]. To search for media, click the Search icon [2].

Media that includes a captioning file displays the captioning badge [3].

To open the media, click the View link [4].

Manage Captions

Click the Captions tab [1]. Then, click the Options icon [2].

To edit a caption, click the Edit link [3].

In the Options menu, you can also download the caption file [4], replace the caption file with a file from your computer [5], or permanently delete the captions [6].


  • Canvas Studio caption files download as SRT files. After downloading, you can convert caption files into word processing files on most computers.
  • Captions that are deleted cannot be recovered.

Search Text

Search Text

To search for all instances of text in the caption file, enter the text in the Search for field [1]. To edit a single instance of the selected text in the caption editor, click the caption line [2].

To replace the text in all instances, click the Replace... link [3].

Replace Text

Replace Text

Enter new text in the Replace with field [1].

To make the search case-sensitive, click the Case-sensitive checkbox [2].  

Click the Replace all button [3].  

The replacement confirmation window displays [4].

Note: In the search and replace feature, partial text will be selected and replaced. Be sure to correct any partial text replacements in the Caption Editor.

Edit Caption

In the timeline, locate the text to edit and click the caption line [1].

Enter new text in the Caption Text field [2].

Changes are saved automatically, and the Changes Saved! message displays [3].

Edit Timestamp

To move a caption to a new timestamp, click the Edit link [1]. Then, enter new times in the Appears At and Until fields [2].

To save your changes, click the Save button [3].

Note: Timestamps must be entered in the 00:00:00.00 format.

Insert Caption

In the media viewer, drag the cursor to where you want to add the text and click the timestamp [1]. To edit or refine the timestamp, enter times in the Appears At and Until fields [2].

Click the Insert line button [3].  Then, enter text in the Caption Text field [4].

To insert the caption line, click the Add Line button [5].

Delete Caption

In the timeline, locate the text to delete and click the caption line [1].

In the caption editor, click the Options icon [2]. Then, click the Delete caption line icon [3].

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