How do I delete a Canvas Studio video quiz?

In Canvas Studio, you can delete video quizzes from media in your Studio library.

Note: Deleting a video quiz permanently removes the quiz and all of its contents from Studio. Deleted content can not be retrieved.

View Library

In the My Library page, media that includes a video quiz displays the Quiz icon.

Open Edit Window

Locate the media that includes the quiz you wish to delete and click the More Options icon [1].

Click the Quizzes drop-down menu [2]. Then, click the Edit [quiz name] link [3].

Open Settings

Click the Settings button [1].

The Video Quiz Settings window displays. To delete the quiz, click the Delete Quiz button [2].

Confirm Deletion

Confirm Delete

The confirmation window displays. To confirm that you wish to permanently delete the quiz and all of its contents, click the Delete button.