How do I manage Canvas Studio users as an admin?

As a Canvas Studio admin, you can add and manage Canvas Studio users in Studio Settings.

You can manually add users and assign their user role, or users may be automatically added and assigned a user role based on their user role when they access Studio links or content in Canvas LMS. Most commonly, admin users are added manually.

Currently you cannot remove users from the Studio account.

Open Studio Settings

Open Studio Settings

In the Studio Navigation menu, click the Settings tab.

View Studio Users

To view users in your Studio account, click the Studio Users tab [1].

You can search for a user by full name, display name, or email address by typing in the Search field [2].

To manually add a new user, click the Create User button [3].

View User Information

You can view a user's full name [1], display name [2], email address [3], and admin status [4].

Note: Studio does not require email addresses for user accounts. If your institution uses a single sign-on (SSO) authentication system that does not rely on email addresses, some users who only access Studio directly through Canvas LMS may not display an associated email address.

Manage Users

To edit information for an existing user, click the Edit button.

Currently you cannot remove a user from your account.

Edit User

Edit User

To change the user's name [1], display name [2], and email address [3] as shown for the user's Studio account, enter text in the appropriate fields.

To change a user's access to or from Admin status, click the Is Admin? checkbox [4].  

To update a user's professional captioning role, click the Caption role drop-down menu [5].

Click the Save button [6].


  • Canvas Studio does not automatically send email notifications to users about their updated admin user role status. When you update a user as an admin, you should notify the user of their Canvas Studio role status update. The user can validate their admin account using the password reset link in your institution's Canvas Studio site login page.
  • Editing user fields does not affect a user's Canvas account.