How do I view my Canvas Studio groups as a student?

As a student, you can view a list of all your Studio groups in your Studio Settings Groups page. Depending upon your role in each group, you may be able to view the group member list, edit a group name, add or remove group members, adjust group member roles, leave a group, and delete groups. Learn more about creating and managing Studio groups.

Open Studio Settings

Open Studio Settings

In the Studio Navigation menu, click the Settings tab.

Open Groups

Open Groups

Click the Groups tab.

View Groups

In Groups, you can search for a group, create a group, and view a list of all your groups.

To locate a specific group from your groups list, enter the group name or group ID in the Search field [1].

To create a new group, click the Create Group button [2].

The Groups List displays the following information about your groups:

  • Group Name [3]: the name of each group; by default, groups display in alphabetical order.
  • Group ID Number [4]: the ID number automatically assigned to a group upon creation.
  • Permission [5]: your role within the group. Group roles include Member and Manager.  
  • Number of Members [6]: the total number of people in the group, including yourself.

Note: The Groups List displays only groups in which you are a member. If you leave a group, even one you created, it no longer displays in your Groups List.

View Group Options

To view your group management options, locate the group in the list and click the Options icon [1]. Your group permission status determines the displayed management options.

Managers can edit, leave, and delete the group [2]. Learn more about managing Studio groups.

Members can view the group list and leave the group [3].

View Group

To view a group, locate the group in the list and click the group's Options icon [1]. Then select the View option [2].

View Group List

View Group List

The Group window displays the group ID [1] and the list of group members [2].

You can also manage your group membership. To leave the group, click the Role drop-down menu [3], then select the Leave Group option [4].

To close the Group window, click the Close button [5] or the X icon [6].

Leave Group

To leave a group, locate the group in the list and click the group's Options icon [1]. Then select the Leave Group option [2].

Confirm Leave

Confirm Leave

Click the Leave Group button.

Note: When you leave a group, the group no longer displays in your Groups List and you can no longer view the group in your Studio account. However, Studio admins can view all groups in your institution's Studio account. If you need to manage or monitor a group that does not display in your Groups List, contact your Studio administrator.