How do I download media files or media transcript files in Canvas Studio?

In Canvas Studio, you can download a media file. If the media includes captioning, you can download a separate transcript file.

Note: You can not upload media files from YouTube or Vimeo.

Locate Media

Locate Media

In your Studio account, locate the media you want to view. You can view your uploaded media on the My Library page [1], or search for the media in the Search field [2].

Open Media

Open Media

Hover over the media and click the media thumbnail.

Download Media File

Download media or transcript file

Click the More Options icon [1].

To download the media file, click the Download Media link [2].

To download the media transcript file, click the Download Transcript link [3].


  • If the Download Media link does not appear in the list, the media is copyright protected and can not be downloaded.
  • If the Download Transcript link does not appear, the media does not include captioning.