What user roles and permissions are available for a Canvas Studio account?

Canvas Studio has one default account-level user role known as the Studio Admin role. As a Studio Admin, you can create and manage users, including designating other users as Studio Admin and view and manage the Studio media library for the account.

Canvas Studio has two default course-level user roles known as the Teacher and Student roles. Users in your account who are not designated as Studio Admins are course-level users. For these users, their Canvas Studio user role is determined by their Canvas course user role.

By default, Canvas Studio permissions are enabled for all Studio Admins. As a Studio Admin, you can view and manage permissions for all course-level users in your account. However, you cannot manage permissions for Studio Admins.

Note: You can be a Studio Admin even if you are not a Canvas Admin. As a Studio Admin, you can manage user permissions in Studio. However, you may not be able to manage permissions for users in Canvas.

Open Studio Settings

Open Studio Settings

In the Studio Navigation menu, click the Settings tab.

Open Permissions

Click the Permissions tab.

View Course-level User Roles

The default course-level roles display as Teacher [1] and Student [2]. However, you can edit the user role names.

View Canvas Studio Permissions

The following permissions may display in your account Permissions:

  • Record media [1]: users can record media within Canvas Studio using a webcam.
  • Add media from devices [2]: users can upload media files into Canvas Studio from their mobile devices, including phones and tablets.
  • Add media from YouTube [3]: users can add media from YouTube in their Canvas Studio library.
  • Add media from Vimeo [4]: users can add media from Vimeo in their Canvas Studio library.
  • Add video quizzes to media [5]: users can create Canvas Studio media quizzes.
  • Create groups [6]: users can create groups in Canvas Studio.
  • Generate public share links [7]: users can generate a public link or embed code for their Canvas Studio media.

Learn more about managing Studio permissions for user roles.  


  • By default, all permissions are turned on for all users.
  • Depending upon account configuration, the Add media from YouTube/Vimeo permissions may not display. To view these permissions, contact your Canvas Studio CSM.