How do I authorize Zoom as a conferencing tool in Canvas Studio?

Canvas Studio supports an integration with Zoom that allows Zoom to automatically upload recorded meetings into Studio. If this integration has been configured by your Studio account admin, you can authorize the Studio Zoom integration in your Studio Settings.

Open Studio Settings

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Settings tab.

Open Conferences

Open Conferences

Click the Conferences tab.

Authorize Zoom

Authorize Zoom

Click the Zoom User Authorization link.

Continue to Zoom

Notification Center

Click the Continue button.

Authorize Zoom App

In Zoom, view the Zoom app information [1]. To allow the app to use your shared access permissions, click the Allow this app to use my shared access permissions checkbox [2]. Learn more about shared access permissions in Zoom.

Click the Authorize button [3].

View Authorized Zoom Integration

View Authorized Zoom Integration

View the authorized Zoom integration in your account [1]. Learn more about managing your Zoom app recordings in Studio.

To disconnect Zoom from your Canvas Studio account, click the Deauthorize Zoom button [2].