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Community Team

Notification link redirect?

When I get a notification of a reply to a discussion in my email, I click on the "View the full reply" link to open the discussion in a browser. However, if I'm not logged in, I can't participate--and when I click on "Log in" at the upper right, I'm redirected to the community Home Page, which means I have to go back to my email and click on the "View the full reply" link again to get to and participate in the discussion. Is anyone else seeing that? Shouldn't "Log in" keep you on the same page (just as it does in Canvas)?

If I stay logged into the community all day and keep the browser open, I imagine this would mitigate the problem, but I juggle across multiple devices and wind up encountering this navigation issue often. It's especially cumbersome on an iPad.

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stefaniesanders​, I abandoned email notifications from Jive and went with a My New Community Bookmark Strategy​. The emails were difficult to dial in and the content/links within them not incredibly useful. I'm now leveraging streams a bit better as well as my browser bookmarks. I think you're on the right track with thinking about just staying logged in. I also swap computers a lot but since I use a password manager, in the event there isn't a cookie with my login info available my password manager (Lastpass + Chrome extension) fills in the info and getting logged in is just one more click. Another alternative would be to try leveraging Feeds and an RSS reader for "out of band" notifications from the community. I've pulled a few feeds (Top Known Issues​) into our Slack account and my RSS chrome extension.

I know this wasn't a direct answer and hopefully there is some kind of solution for those who prefer emails, but I thought I'd share my 3 week in strategy in case it was helpful.

Community Champion

stefaniesanders​ I feel your pain! I often find myself repeating the exact steps you mentioned in your post. Unfortunately I could not find anything in the JIVE community that addresses this issue. While i've tried several key words, I'm not sure what this would be classified under. Smiley Sad