How do I begin a Catalog course or program?

You can begin your current in-progress Catalog courses and programs from your Student Dashboard.

If you enroll in a Catalog program, you must begin each course in Catalog. Canvas does not enroll you in a course or display the course in Canvas until you click the Begin Course or Go To Course button for each course requirement in the program.


  • Courses with an assigned start date cannot be started before that date.
  • Courses that are part of a program may have to be completed in a set order.

Open Student Dashboard

Open Student Dashboard

Click the User drop-down menu [1]. Then click the Student Dashboard link [2].

Locate Program

In the Student Dashboard, the In Progress tab opens by default [1].

In the Programs list, locate the program that includes the course that you want to begin [2].

Learn more about viewing the Student Dashboard.

Go to Course

In the Requirements list [1], locate the course you wish to begin.

To begin the course, click the Go to Course button [2].


  • Depending on the course design, some course listings may display a Begin Course button in place of the Go to Course button.
  • If all courses in the Requirements list display a Go to Course or Begin Course button, courses may be completed in any order.

View Canvas Course Home Page

View your Canvas course home page.

Return to Catalog Student Dashboard

To return to the Catalog Student Dashboard, click the Canvas logo.