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How do I use my institution's Catalog?

How do I use my institution's Catalog?

Catalog courses and programs are easily searchable. You can use the Search field on the home page, or just browse the catalog listings.


  • The steps for searching and viewing a course or program listing are the same regardless of catalog design. Your catalog view may be customized for your institution.
  • You may need to log in to Canvas before you can view your institution's Catalog listings. 

Open Catalog

Open Catalog

In a browser window, type your institution's Catalog URL in the address bar.

Search for Listing

In the search bar, type the name of the course or program.

Filter Categories

If your institution's catalog has created categories, you can view the Categories link [1]. To filter listings by category, click the name of a category [2].

Filter and Sort Listings

You can always refine your search by filter and sort options. Click the Refine link [1].

In the filter options [2], you can filter by free or paid listings, open enrollment listings, and listings with certificates. More than one filter can be used at once.

In the sort options [3], you can sort listings alphabetically or by start date. For paid listings, sorting is also available by the price in the listing—either from lowest to highest or highest to lowest.

View Listing Types

View Listing Types

Each listing in the catalog includes an icon that shows if the listing is a course [1] or a program [2].

View Listing

View Listing

Each listing includes an image [1], name [2], and short description [3]. Most listings may include a logo [4], which can represent a listing for a specific department, organization, or team.

You can also view the length of the listing [5]. Some courses or programs may begin on a certain date, but some listings are only offered during a specific date range or include a time limit. Self-paced listings means there are no start or end dates.

You can also view the cost of the listing [6] and any credits offered [7].

Note: For programs, any credits shown are the cumulative of all courses included in the program.

Open Listing Details

Open Listing Details

To view details of a listing, click the listing arrow icon.

View Listing Details

The listing details include the full course description, which contains more information about the listing.

Enroll in Listing

To enroll in a course or enroll in a program, click the Enroll button.

Add to Wait List

Sometimes you may view a listing with a closed enrollment. If enabled by your administrator, the Catalog wait list will allow you to add your name to the listing and automatically enroll if a spot opens. You can remove yourself from the wait list at any time.

Spots can become available if a student drops the program, or if an administrator increases the enrollment limit. Learn more about Catalog wait lists.

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