How do I access the Catalog API?

If you are a Canvas admin and know how to use application program interface (API) commands, you can access the Canvas Catalog API to view information about your Catalog account.

The Canvas Catalog API documentation is contained on a single page, which you can print or scroll through. You can also auto-scroll to a section of documentation by clicking the links in the Table of Contents.

Open Admin

Open Admin

Click the User Name drop-down menu [1]. Then, click the Admin link [2].

Open API

Open API

Click the API tab.

View Catalog API Documentation Page

View the Catalog API documentation page [1] and the interactive table of contents entitled Readme [2].

To view content, scroll down the page.

Auto-Scroll to Content

To auto-scroll to a section in the documentation page and view subsections, click a section name link in the table of contents [1].

To auto-scroll to a subsection, click a subsection name link [2].

Return to Canvas Catalog

To close the Catalog API Documentation page and open Canvas Catalog, click the Catalog Home link.

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