How do I create a custom orders report in Catalog Analytics?

As a Canvas Catalog admin, you can search and filter order data to create custom reports in the Analytics page.

Note: Enrollments that are not added to a course through the Catalog enrollment page are not included in catalog analytics.

Open Admin

Open Admin

In the User Menu, click the Admin link.

Open Analytics

In the navigation menu, click the Analytics link.

Search Orders

Click the Orders tab [1].

To search orders, type all or part of a search parameter in the Search field [2].

To search order data using filters, click the Filters button [3].

By default, the creation date filter is set to Past Week. To delete the filter and view all course listings, click the Creation Date icon [4].

Filter Orders

Filter  Listings

To filter by catalog, click the Catalog drop-down menu and select a catalog to include in the search [1]. Repeat with additional catalogs.

To filter by listing, type all or part of a listing name in the Listing field [2]. Select an option from the drop-down list of possible matches and repeat with additional listings.

To filter by listing status, click the Listing Status drop-down menu [3].

To filter by student, click the Student field [4]. Then, enter all or part of a student name and click the student name in the list [5].

View Additional Filters

View Additional Filters

To expand the filter window to display revenue filters, click the Expand Revenue icon [1].

To filter by purchaser, click the Purchaser field and enter all of part of a purchaser name [2].  

To search bulk purchases only, click the Bulk Purchases Only checkbox [3].

To filter by date, click the Purchase Date drop-down and select a time frame [4]. To select a custom time-frame, click the calendar icons to select start and end dates [5].

To filter by free or paid orders, click the Orders drop-down menu [6].

To select a minimum and maximum price range for paid orders, enter prices in the Listing Prices fields [7].

To filter by promotion status, click the Promotions drop-down menu [8].

To filter by minimum and maximum revenue range, enter values in the Total Revenue fields [9].

Apply or Delete Filters

Apply or Delete Filters

To apply the selected filters, click the Apply button [1].

To save selections without applying and return to the Orders page, click the Cancel button [2].

To delete selections and return to the default settings, click the Reset Defaults button [3].

View Filtered Data

The filtered list appears in the chart [1]. To sort a chart column in alphabetic or numerical order, locate the header for that column and click the Sort selector [2].

All columns in the chart do not display at the same time. To display additional column headers, click the Expand icon [3]. To view additional columns, click and drag the horizontal scrollbar [4].

Summary data for the filtered list displays [5].

To delete a selected filter, click the filter name icon [6].

To search for an item in the filtered list, enter all or part of a search parameter in the Search field [7].

Export Filtered Data

To export a CSV of the report, click the Export CSV button. A link to the CSV file is sent to your Canvas account email address.

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