How do I view the Canvas Dashboard through Catalog?

When you have completed registration for a Catalog listing, you can complete the coursework within Canvas. You can access your Catalog courses in Canvas from the Catalog User Menu.

Open Canvas from Catalog

Open Canvas from Catalog

After you've logged in to your Catalog account, click the User drop-down menu [1]. Then, click the Canvas link [2].

View Canvas Dashboard

The Dashboard displays an overview of all activity in your Canvas account.

To view or begin a course, click the Courses link.

Note: If you enroll in a Catalog program, you must begin each course in Catalog. Canvas does not enroll you in a course or display the course in your Canvas dashboard until you click the Begin Course button for each course requirement in the program in the Catalog listings page.

View Courses

View Courses

The Courses window displays active courses. To begin a course, click a course name link [1].

To view and manage a list of all courses both current and past, click the All Courses link [2].

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