How do I manage program requirements in Canvas Catalog?

In Canvas Catalog, programs are comprised of requirements that students must finish to complete the program. Requirements can be Catalog courses or other Catalog programs added as subprograms. As a Catalog admin, you can view current requirements within a program and add or delete requirements.

Each course listing in Catalog exists as a stand alone listing, even when it is associated with a program listing. Each requirement within the program has its own visibility and enrollment details. Learn how catalog requirements appear in program listings.


  • Catalog does not prevent you from adding a requirement to more than one program, but doing so is discouraged, and performance can not be guaranteed.
  • In a Catalog program, each course includes a series of module requirements that students must fulfill before they can move on to the next course in the program. These module requirements are set in the Canvas course. Learn more about course module requirements in Canvas. 

Open Admin

Open Admin

Click the User Name drop-down menu [1]. Then, click the Admin link [2].

View Listings Page

Click the Listings tab.

Open Program

Click the program name link.

Open Requirements

Open Requirements

Click the Requirements tab.

View Requirements

The Requirements page shows requirements added as part of the program. You can view the name of the course or program that has been added as a requirement.

Each course or subprogram that is part of a program listing also exists as a stand alone listing. Learn how various visibility and enrollment statuses display in Catalog.

Manage Requirement Completion Order

By default, students must complete program requirements in the order in which they appear on the Requirements page.

To allow students to complete program requirements in any order, click the Student must complete requirements in the order shown below toggle off.

Manage Program Requirements

To remove a program requirement from the list, click the Delete icon [1].

To add a program requirement, click the Add Requirement button [2].