How do I manage categories for a catalog?

As a Canvas Catalog admin, you can manage your categories though a catalog's Categories page. You can view your category names and types. You can also edit, add, or delete categories. Categories are based either on a tag or on a subcatalog name.

When you create categories in a parent catalog, you can set a subcatalog to automatically use those categories. However, you can also disassociate a subcatalog's categories from the parent and create custom categories in a subcatalog.

Open Admin

Open Admin

Click the User Name drop-down menu [1]. Then, click the Admin link [2].

Open Catalogs

Click the Catalogs tab.

Open Catalog

Click a catalog name link.

Open Categories

Open Categories

Click the Categories tab.

View Categories

The Categories tab displays the category name [1] and the type of category [2]. Categories are either tags or subcatalog names.

Add Categories

To add new categories from subcatalogs or tags, select an option from the drop-down menu. To view a list of subcatalog names, select the Showing sub-catalogs option. To view a list of tags, select the Showing tags option.

Delete Categories

To remove a category, click its Remove icon.

Manage Subcatalogs

If you are viewing a subcatalog, categories from the parent catalog already exist when the Inherit categories from catalog ancestry toggle button is on [1]. The categories display but are uneditable [2].

If you don't want the subcatalog to use categories from the parent catalog, click the Inherit categories from catalog ancestry toggle button off [1].

You can create new categories or remove them.