How do I manage categories for a catalog?

As a Catalog admin, you can view all of your categories for a catalog by managing your catalog. When categories are created in the parent catalog, the categories can automatically be applied to each subcatalog. However, custom categories can be created in each subcatalog.

Categories will be used as part of an additional search functionality available in a future release.

Open Admin

Open Admin

In the User Menu, click the Admin link.

Open Catalogs

Open Catalogs

Click the Catalogs link.

Open Parent Catalog

Click the name of the parent catalog.

Open Categories

Open Categories

Click the Categories tab.

View Categories

The Categories tab shows you the category name [1] and the type of category [2].

Add Categories

To add new categories, select categories from subcatalogs and tabs.

Edit or Delete Categories

To remove a category, locate the category and click the Remove icon.

Manage Subcatalog Fields

If you are viewing a subcatalog, any existing categories will automatically apply when the Inherit categories from catalog ancestry button is enabled [1]. The categories will appear but will be uneditable [2].

Add Subcatalog Categories

If you don't want the subcatalog to inherit categories, disable the Inherit categories button [1]. Add new categories using the categories drop-down menu [2].