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How do I view my Catalog purchases and enrollments history?

How do I view my Catalog purchases and enrollments history?

You can view a list of your Catalog enrollment history, including details about prices for paid courses.

Open Purchases & Enrollments

Click the User Menu link [1]. Then click the Purchases & Enrollments option [2].

View Enrollments List

The Purchases & Enrollments list displays a history of your Catalog enrollments. By default, the list is sorted in chronological order with your most recent enrollment listed last.

For each item in the list, you can view the enrollment order ID [1], the listing name [2], your enrollment date [3], the price [4], the discount applied [5], and the total cost of the listing [6].

View No Enrollments

If you have not enrolled in any Catalog listings, the Purchases & Enrollments page displays a No Enrollments to Display notification [1]. To view and enroll in available listings, click the Browse Catalog button [2].

Sort Enrollments List

You can sort the Purchases & Enrollments list to display list items in ascending or descending order by column.

To sort the list, click the column header [1]. If the list is sorted, the header displays a Sort icon [2].

Note: The list can only be sorted by one column at a time.

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