What customization options are available in Canvas Catalog?

As a Catalog admin, you can customize the branding, settings, emails and certificates for your entire Canvas Catalog and for subcatalogs.

Note: If custom branding is not added in a subcatalog, it inherits the parent catalog settings and other customization options.

Custom Catalog Branding

You can upload a header logo, badge logo, and a browser favicon without using custom CSS [1]. Listings in subaccounts may display their own logo or favicon [2]. However, if no logo or favicon is specified for a subaccount, the subaccount inherits the parent account logo or favicon [3]. Learn how to add logos and favicon in a catalog.

Note: The parent catalog logo, which may be different from subcatalog logos, always displays on the course or program enrollment page.

Custom Catalog Pages

You can customize all pages in a catalog using cascading style sheets (CSS) and JavaScript (JS). For example, you could add custom colors and display the search field using CSS or create a personalized welcome page using JS.

Learn about adding CSS and JS to a catalog.

Custom Subcatalogs

A subcatalog creates a specific URL path where you can associate and brand specific listings for a department, organization, or team. Subcatalogs can be listed as part of the domain (parent) catalog or act as a private catalog.

Custom Course and Program Certificates

Custom Course and Program Certificates

Catalog includes default templates for course and program certificates. However, you can create custom course and program certificate templates using HTML and CSS. Catalog also supports specific variables, allowing certificate templates to display specific information on the certificate including the student name, institution name, award name, and program/course completion date.

Canvas Catalog automatically issues certificates when a student completes a program or course. Students can view their certificate(s) at any time.

Learn how to create a program certificate or course certificate.  

Custom Email Header and Footer

Custom Email Header and Footer

You can customize the email header and footer content that displays at the top and bottom of the current email layout. These options do not override but extend the email header and footer.

Learn about creating custom email header and footer HTML.

Custom Email Templates

Custom Email Templates

Canvas Catalog automatically generates notification emails for students when they create a Catalog account, enroll in a listing, complete a listing, earn a certificate, can enroll in a waitlisted listing, and when their payment could not be processed. You can create custom email templates for these notifications so that students receive a personalized, actionable email.

Learn about creating custom email templates.

Custom Registration Fields

Custom Registration Fields

You can create custom user defined fields that display on your Catalog registration page. Fields can be text entries or checkboxes and allow institutions to customize their user registration beyond the default fields of Full Name and Email.

Learn how to add user defined fields to a catalog.