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How do I record a Canvas Studio screen capture video in a course?

How do I record a Canvas Studio screen capture video in a course?

You can record a screen capture video in Canvas Studio. Screen captures can be created from any page in your account. You can use the screen capture tool to record media for any length of time, depending on your computer’s memory.


Record Screen Capture

Record Screen Capture

To record a screen capture, click the Record button [1] and then click the Screen Capture link [2].

Download and Install Screen Capture Application

Download and Install Screen Recording App

To record the screen, you will need to download and install the screen capture application. To download the application, click the Download button.

Note: If you have downloaded a different version of the screen capture application, uninstall the previous version and download the recent version from Studio.

Record Screen Capture

Start Screen Capture

To manage recording settings, click the Settings icon [1]. You can also choose the type of recording [2], screen size [3], and narration volume [4].

To change your recording preferences, click the Preferences button [5]. The preferences you can change include the pause hotkey, webcam big hotkey, mark timeline hotkey, count down, control bar, webcam preview, fullscreen rec controls, reposition cursor on resume, and keyboard controls while paused.

To use the draw and zoom tools, click the pen icon [6]. The draw and zoom tools include lines, arrows, boxes, highlights, speech bubbles, and colors, etc.

To start the screen capture, click the Rec button [7].


Pause Screen Capture

Pause Screen Capture

When the screen capture is done, click the Pause button.


Finish Screen Capture

Finish Screen Capture

To upload the screen capture, click the Done button [1].To preview the screen capture, click the Play button [2]. To delete the screen capture and start over, click the Delete button [3].

Upload Screen Capture

Save Screen Capture

To upload the screen capture, enter a title [1], description [2], and then click the Upload button [3]. You can also edit the capture [4], redo the capture [5], or cancel the capture [6].

Return to Uploads

Return to Uploads

Click the Continue button.

View Screen Capture

View Screen Capture

In the My Uploads page, view your screen capture. Once the screen capture is processed, you can manage all controls and settings.


I want to use videos for my Apparel Evaluation class, but I am completely confused on how to accomplish this.  Most of the videos are on line and I can't figure out how to capture them and then post them to canvas on the correct day.

@JSvec are you trying to embed videos from another website on pages or assignments in your course? If so, you can do so using the following guides:

How do I upload and embed a media file from my computer in the New Rich Content Editor as an instruc... 

or, if your course looks different, you can follow these directions:

How do I embed iFrame videos using the Rich Content Editor as an instructor? or How do I link to a YouTube video in the Rich Content Editor as an instructor? 

If this isn't what you're asking about, can you please clarify and give us some more information so we can point you in the right direction?



- Nathan

I have to record a myself teaching a patient and at the same time have power points showing in my video.  I am a non-traditional student and never was able to accomplish this in my last course.  It is a requirement in my next course, so I must learn how.  I have Windows 7 on my lap top.  Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated!!

Debra Rhinewalt 

I have to record a video for a class and I have no idea on how I'm supposed to do it. Every link I click on takes me to something that has no recording function.

I still dont know how to video on canvas

I'm trying to record a video in canvas studio, but the video is only of my screen saver-what have I done wrong?

Hi @10528647misty , thank you for your question! Are you trying to record a video with Studio, post a Studio video in Canvas, or submit a Studio video as an assignment? 


Hi @anchorman34 , there are a few different ways to access Studio (the Canvas video recorder). This guide explains how to access Studio from Canvas and from outside Canvas. If none of the directions in that guide work for your account, you may want to double-check that your system and browser are up-to-date. You can check your system specifications by looking at this guide. If you have any additional questions, please let us know!



Hi @wolf2 , you may want to double-check that your computer specifications and the browser you're using are both up-to-date. If all of your specifications are up-to-date and you still run into this issue, It may be caused by a setting outside of Studio.

If you are using multiple monitors, try switching to just one monitor, or adjust your computer settings to ensure your main monitor is the one that you are trying to record. Please let us know if you have any further questions!



Hi @drhinewalt, a computer needs to have a Windows 8.1 operating system or a newer version of Windows in order to be fully compatible with Studio (the Canvas video recorder). The issue may be that Windows 7 is no longer compatible with Studio, and in order to use Studio, you'll need to upgrade your operating system. 

There are directions here on how to upgrade your system from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free. There is no free option to only upgrade to Windows 8, unfortunately. As with any large operating system update, be sure to back up all of your apps, files, and data before you begin. 

If you have any further questions, please let us know!



Hello all!

I typically break up my recorded videos into smaller 10-15 minute chunks, and then upload those videos once they are completed.

However, I'm running to a workflow issue: If the Studio Recorder app (access from Studio) is ever closed (or if the computer needs to reset to fix the "anti-virus" error), I cannot access the recorded content until after recording a new video.

So far, I just record a 1 second video, delete it, and begin uploading videos. However, there has to be a faster, more convenient way to launch directly into the content manager, right!? I've tried launching Screen Recorder directly from the Windows start menu, but no luck.

Please tell me someone out there has a faster workflow, or a way to queue multiple file uploads.

Hi @rharvey2! Thank you for your question. Right now, the only way to access the Studio recorder is to launch from Studio. There isn’t a way to launch the application directly from your machine. However, this would be an excellent suggestion to submit to our Ideas conversation space. If you need anything else please let us know!



Hi, I am having issues with mic levels when recording Screen Capture videos. 

I am using a PC, with Chrome browser. The mic is a USB Yeti Blue.

When recording webcam videos in Studio, the audio level is fine and I can adjust it with the gain controller on the mic if I want.

But when I switch to record Screen Capture videos, the gain shoots way up and the audio is SO loud on playback. I am selecting the correct microphone in Settings.

This happens even when I turn the gain on the mic all the way down, and adjust the mic levels in the pop-up Settings menu within Studio (either manually or using the auto-set feature.)

It happens whether or not I am using Computer Audio. 

I have restarted and updated my computer. 

Any ideas?

Thanks for your time!

Hi @EricRea, thanks for your comment. Have you checked the microphone settings in Windows? It's possible the microphone input settings are turned all the way up in your Windows settings.



After I record and it says "success upload", my recording does not show up on my upload page. Where can I find the recording? 

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