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How do I record a Canvas Studio video with a webcam in a course?

How do I record a Canvas Studio video with a webcam in a course?

You can record a video using your webcam in Canvas Studio. Videos can be recorded from any page in your account. You can record media for any length of time, but shorter video recordings under 5 minutes long are recommended due to browser resource limitations.


  • Studio webcam capture is only supported by Chrome and Firefox browsers. If you use an unsupported browser, Studio will ask you to switch browsers.
  • You may need to allow the browser to access your camera and microphone.
  • Studio webcam capture creates a webM video.
  • For more information about how screen readers work with recording a video in Studio, please visit Accessibility within Studio.

Record Video

Record Video

To record a video, click the Record button [1], then click the Webcam Capture link [2].

Allow Access

Allow Access Chrome and Firefox

To give access to your computer's microphone and camera, click the Allow button.

Start Recording

Click the Start Recording button.


Finish Recording

Finish Recording

When your video recording is done, click the Finish button.


Save Recording

Save Recording

View the recording. Enter a title in the title field [1] and click the Save button [2]. If you want to record again, click the Start Over button [3].

View Recording

View Recording

In the My Uploads page, view your video recording. Once the recording is processed, you can manage all controls and settings.


I see an option for Screen capture or Webcam... can I do both at the same time?

Hi @pjmcclure,

It's not currently possible to record a video and do a screen capture using the options in Studio at the same time. You can, however, record a video with Studio and use keyboard shortcuts to perform a screen capture with your computer. Keyboard shortcuts can differ depending on your computer. If you're using a Mac, you can press Shift+Command+3 simultaneously. If you're using a Windows computer, press PrtScn. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out. 


@pjmcclure You can record your screen and webcam at the same time by selecting "Screen Capture" and using a tool called "Screen Recorder" that you will be prompted to download. 

When I start recording a Webcam video it's light enough, then it goes dark within 30 second or so.  It's not external light because that is still bright's on the computer.  Is there a setting to make it stay light longer?

Hi @mbrusca ! Thank you for your question. Since there aren't any light settings in Studio, this sounds like an issue with your system's webcam settings. It could also be an automatic battery-saving setting on your computer, so you may want to check that as well to see if it solves the problem. Thanks!


how long does it take a video to upload?

Hello -- is it possible to switch back and forth from screen capture to video? For example, if someone wanted to start the video talking to the students full screen and then move to screen caption with a smaller face at the bottom or full screen capture?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Hi @Vanessa67 ! The upload & processing time will depend on how long your video is and how fast your internet connection is. Have you run into any errors or upload failures? Please let us know if we can help! 


Hey! My videos just say uploading, and they have no progress. I waited multiple hours and nothing happened.

also having difficulty uploading after recording. able to hit the save button...not clear where these save to...if the save

Hi @amg , thanks for your question! You can record a video that shows both your screen capture and your camera feed, but you cannot switch between the two while recording. To learn how to record both at the same time, please see this guide.  In the "Record Screen Capture" step, you will see an option for recording both your screen and webcam at the same time. Please let me know if there is anything else we can help you with!



Hi @alovvorn1, I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble uploading videos. I recommend trying the upload in Chrome or Firefox, and keeping the recording under 5 minutes. 

Hey @robbygilbert, videos should save to your library.

If you continue to experience issues uploading, please reach out to Canvas Support. 

I hope this helps!


We've just migrated from Blackboard/Panopto.  I've created a screen capture video in Studio and done a bunch of editing.  When I upload/publish it, the original media files disappear and the screen capture app closes.  I can see the finished video in my library but not the original media components.  If I want to go back and make further edits or add to the video, is there a way to retrieve the original media files or do I have to start again?  If the latter is there some other component of Canvas that would allow that?

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