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How do I use the Canvas Studio media editor?

Find your school's Canvas URL

To find your school or institution's Canvas URL, begin typing the name of your school/institution. Results will appear after you type at least 3 characters. For best results be as specific as possible. If you can't find your school, try using any part of your school's name or searching for your school district or state. You may also need to search for the school using the acronym or full name, for example "USU" and "Utah State University".

How do I use the Canvas Studio media editor?

After uploading a file to your media library, you can use the Studio media editor to make changes to your file.

After making changes your media file, you can replace your original file with the edited version or you can save the edited version as a new file.


  • You can only edit media you access through your Studio media library.
  • You cannot edit a media file in a course that is embedded within that course.
  • In order to update and show the edited version of a media file that is already embedded in a course, you must manually update the embedded course location.
  • You can only edit media files you have uploaded and stored in Studio.
  • You cannot edit Youtube or Vimeo imported videos in Studio.

Open Media Editor

Open Media Editor

On the My Library page, locate the media and click the Options icon [1]. Then click the Edit Media link [2].

Note: To edit media that has been shared with you, you must copy the media to your library.

View Media Editor Options

Click the Play button to watch your media [1].

The media playhead displays at the beginning of the media timeline and moves from left to right as the media plays [2].

To cut and remove sections of your media file, click the Cut button [3].

To remove material from the beginning or end of your video file, click the Trim button [4].

To zoom in or out of the media timeline, click the Zoom buttons [5].

If you uploaded a video file, you can view a preview of your video frames that display in the media timeline [6].

To exit the Studio media editor, click the Cancel button [7].

Note: The media timeline will not display frame previews in the video editor on mobile devices.

View Keyboard Shortcuts

View Keyboard Shortcuts

You can navigate through the Studio media editor with your keyboard by pressing the Tab key consecutively. This is an accessibility feature for keyboard-only users.

After cycling through a few onscreen navigation items by pressing the Tab key, the Keyboard Shortcuts icon displays to the right of the media title in the Studio media editor [1].

When the Keyboard Shortcuts icon displays, press the Enter or Return key.

The Keyboard Shortcuts window displays, which shows common keyboard shortcuts you can use in the Studio media editor [2].

To close the Keyboard Shortcuts window, click the Close button [3].

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