How do I invite students to a bulk purchased catalog course or program?

In Catalog, you can invite students to register for a bulk-purchased course by email and manage their registration status.

Emails can be entered individually, or as a group in a CSV upload.

Open Purchases & Enrollments

Click the User Menu link [1]. Then click the Purchases & Enrollments option [2].

Select Bulk Enrollments List

In the Purchases & Enrollments page, click the Bulk Enrollments tab [1]. Then, click the listing name link [2].

Invite Students to Course or Program

To invite a student to the course or program, enter the student's email address in the Invite Students text box [1].  To invite multiple students, press the enter key on your keyboard, and then add the next email address.

To import a list of email addresses from a CSV, click the Import from CSV link [2].

To send invitations to students, click the Send Invite button [3].

Note: If an email address is manually added before a CSV is imported, the CSV import will override any information already in the text box. To add emails using both methods, import the CSV first, then manually add additional addresses, then send the invitation.

View Invitation Status

When an invitation has been sent, the invitation status displays in the Status column [1].

To sort invitations by status, click the Sort arrows [2].

Resend or Revoke Invitation

To edit an invitation, click the More button [1].

To resend the invitation to the student's email address, click the Resend Invitation link [2].

To cancel the invitation, click the Revoke Invitation link [3].