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Feature Option Overview: Emoji in Submission Comments

Feature Option Overview: Emoji in Submission Comments


When adding submission comments, instructors and students can add emojis using the Emoji Picker.

This change allows instructors and students to convey messages through use of emojis as visual indicators in addition to written comments. 


Release Schedule

Included in the regular Canvas release schedule(see Canvas Release Notes

Related Feature Enhancement Ideas

Create an Emoji Button in the Comment Section of Speedgrader

Upcoming Enhancements

If available, see Product Roadmap

Mobile App Support

Not yet available

Beta Environment Availability


Production Environment Availability


Free-for-Teacher Availability




Feature Option Location & Default Status

Account (Off/Unlocked)

    Feature Option State


    Enabled by Canvas Admin

Yes (learn how to enable feature options)

    Subaccount Configuration


Affected Canvas Areas

Submission Comments


Inherent to User Role


Account Setup

Feature Option/Account Setting

Feature OptionsFeature Options

In Account Settings, click the Feature Options tab. Locate the Emojis in Submission Comments feature option.

Feature Options MenuFeature Options Menu


Click the Enabled link.


User Documentation

Affected User Roles

Instructors, Students

Affects User Interface


Canvas User Guides

Not yet available


Release Screencast Name and Link

Feature Q&A

Releases Q&A: 2022-04-16 Emojis in Submission Comments

Feature Workflow

When this feature option is enabled, instructors can add emojis to comments in SpeedGrader using the emoji icon available in the comment box. 

Emoji CommentsEmoji Comments

Instructors and students can add emojis in comments added in the context tray from Gradebook.

Submission CommentsSubmission Comments

Students can add emojis to comments added to their submissions.


Additional Details

We have removed emojis from the library that may be deemed inappropriate for use. Admins can block additional emojis from the emoji picker under the Blocked Emoji section in account settings. 

Blocked EmojisBlocked Emojis




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