How do I use the Canvas course setup tutorial as an instructor?

The Canvas course setup tutorial helps you become familiar with the feature areas available in a Canvas course. In each area, the tutorial displays a brief overview and links to user guides that relate to that feature. The tutorial can be useful when creating a new course or learning about an individual feature area.

The course setup tutorial is available in the following feature areas: Announcements, Assignments, Collaborations, Conferences, Course Import, Discussions, Files, Grades, Home Page, Modules, New Analytics, Outcomes, Pages, People, Quizzes, Rubrics, Settings, Syllabus, and Zoom LTI integration page.


  • This feature is currently an account opt-in feature. If the course tutorial is not available in your course, your institution has not enabled this feature.
  • If the course tutorial is available to you, you can close the course tutorial at any time. If you want to reenable the course tutorial, you can enable the tutorial as a user feature setting in User Settings.
  • The course setup tutorial does not display in blueprint courses.

Open User Settings

Open User Settings

In Global Navigation, click the Account link [1]. Then click the Settings link [2].

Enable Tutorial

Enable Tutorial

Locate your user feature settings [1]. To enable the course setup tutorial, click the Course Set-up Tutorial icon [2].

Open Course

Open Course

To open your course, click the Courses link in Global Navigation [1]. Then click the name of the course you want to view [2].

View Tutorial

New courses will open to the Home Page, which displays the Home Page tutorial [1]. The tutorial tells you the purpose of the page [2] and provides links to related Canvas guides [3].

Continue Tutorial

To view the course setup tutorial for a different page in Canvas, click the link for the page in Course Navigation [1].

The tutorial content will update to reflect the page you are viewing [2].

Collapse Tutorial

Collapse or Expand Tutorial

By default, the tutorial is expanded in each page. Once you read the content in the tutorial, you may want to collapse the tutorial as some pages contain content behind the tutorial. The state of the tutorial is persistent across Canvas pages, so if you collapse the tutorial in one page, it will stay collapsed until expanded again.

To expand or collapse the tutorial, click the Arrow icon.

End Tutorial

End Tutorial

To end the tutorial at any time, click the Don't Show Again button.

Note: Ending the tutorial means that the tutorial will no longer display in any of your courses.

End Course Set-up Tutorial

Click the Okay button.