How do I add a Canvas LTI assignment as a requirement to a milestone?

You can select a linked assignment in Canvas as a requirement for a Pathway. Before selecting the Canvas assignment, the assignment must be created in a claimed course template in Canvas Outcomes Assessment and the claimed course and assignment both linked with Canvas LMS. If these steps are not completed before you begin the workflow outlined in this lesson, you will not be able to select an LTI assignment as a requirement. For additional information, please see the linking courses and assignments workflow document.

Open Pathways

Open Pathways

In the Toolbar, click the Pathways icon.

Open Pathway

Click the name of the pathway.

Edit Pathway

Click the Edit Pathway button.

Open Milestones and Requirements

Click the Define milestones & requirements tab [1], and enter a name and description for the milestone [2].

Click the Add another Requirement link [3].

Note: The Milestone Name field has a 50 character limit.

Select Existing Assignment

Click the Existing Assignment button.

Enter Requirement Details

Enter a name for the requirement. The Existing Assignment Name field has a 50 character limit.

Select Course Template

Select Course Template

Click the Course Template drop-down menu [1], and select the course from the list [2].

Select Course Assignment

Select Course Assignment

Click the Course Assignment drop-down menu [1], and select the assignment from the list [2].

Finalize Requirement Details

To define the score a student must earn to meet the requirement, type the number in the Acceptance Threshold field [1].

To set an optional due date for the requirement, click the Due Date field and select a date from the calendar [2].

When you have entered all the requirement details, click the Add Requirement button [3].

Save Pathway

Save Pathway

To close the milestones and requirements section, click the Done button [1].

To move to the next step on the pathway, click the Next button [2].

To save the pathway and return to the pathway details page, click the Save & Exit button [3].