How do I view Canvas Student ePortfolio reports as an admin?

As an admin in Canvas Student ePortfolios, you can view and manage configuration and user reports in the Educator Tools page.

Open Educator Tools

Log in to Canvas Student ePortfolios with your Canvas login and password information.

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Apps drop-down menu [1]. Then, click the Educator Tools link [2].

Open Reporting

In the Global Navigation window, click the ePortfolios tab [1]. Then, click the Reporting link [2].

View All Reports

In the Reporting page, the All Reports tab opens by default [1].  To view report details, click a report name link.

To view a list of currently available reporting configurations, click the Network Checklist link [2].

To view and download a CSV report that displays individual user data, click the Export Users to CSV link [4].

View Network Reports

The Network Report tab [1] displays the full version of all available reports in a scrollable list.

The Network Checklist displays a list of all reports that are available [2] and their current configuration status [3].

Details about the report and contact information to request configuration activation display in the Notes column [4].

Note: Depending on the Canvas Student ePortfoloio tools that your institution has purchased, report types may or may not be relevant. If the type of report you are looking for is not listed, contact your CSM to request a custom report.

View Custom Reports  

To view requested custom reports, click the Requested Reports tab [1].

To search for a specific report, enter a name in the Search field [2].

To select a report, click a report name checkbox [3].

Select and Manage Custom Reports

To download a custom file, click the Download file button [1].

To view any available file notes, click the View notes button [2].

To permanently remove a data file, click the Remove data file button [3].

To clear a selection, click the Clear Selection link [4].

Note: When you remove a data file, it is permanently removed from Canvas, and cannot be recovered.