How do I fulfill an experience milestone in a pathway?

If you have been enrolled in a pathway, you may be assigned an experience milestone by your pathway coordinator. The experience requirement type does not allow a submission.

 When you complete the assigned experience, and follow the instructions to receive credit, the requirement is marked complete in the milestone.

View Experience Milestone Requirement

Open the pathway and locate the Experience milestone. To learn more about the assigned experience, click the Learn More button.

View Requirement Details

The requirement instruction window displays:

  • Your completion status for the experience [1].
  • The grading method for the milestone [2].
  • Instructions for receiving credit for the experience [3].

To return to the pathway page, click the Return icon [4].

View Completed Milestone

When the experience milestone is complete and approved by the pathway coordinator and reviewers, the completion date [2], and completion message [3] display.