How do I add an earned badge as a requirement to a milestone?

When adding requirements to a milestone, you can use the badge requirement type to require students earn a badge to fulfill the requirement. To complete the requirement, students will complete the requirements for the badge.

Open Pathways

Open Pathways

In the Toolbar, click the Pathways icon.

Open Pathway

Click the name of the pathway.

Edit Pathway

Click the Edit Pathway button.

Open Milestone

Open Milestone

On the Define milestones & requirements tab, click the name of the milestone.

Add Requirement

Add Requirement

Click the Add a Requirement link.

Select Earned Badge Requirement Type

Click the Earned Badge button.

Add Requirement Details

In the Badge Details window, enter a name for the requirement [1].

To select the badge for the requirement, click the Select a Badge link [2].

Note: The Earned Badge Name field has a 50 character limit.

Select Badge

In the Select a Badge modal, you can view all the badges available in your account. To filter badges by issuer, click the All Issuers drop-down menu [1]. To search for a specific badge, type the badge name in the Find a Badge field [2].

Locate the badge you want to add to the requirement and click the Select icon [3].

Add Badge

To select a different badge, click the Edit icon [1]. To delete the badge, click the Delete icon [2].

To save the badge to the requirement, click the Add Requirement button [3].

View Added Badge

View Added Badge

View the added requirement.

To edit the requirement, click the Edit icon [1]. To delete the requirement, click the Delete icon [2].

To add more requirements to the milestone, click the Add another Requirement link [3].