How do I generate an outcome report in the assessment library?

In the assessment library, you can customize and download an outcome details report. The outcome report includes information about which rubrics and assessments the outcome is being used in, as well as scoring information.

Open Assessment

Open Assessment

In the Toolbar, click the Assessment icon.

Open Learning Outcomes

Open Learning Outcomes

In the Assessment Sidebar, click the Learning Outcomes link.

Search Outcomes

To view the outcomes for a specific level, click the corresponding Level tab [1].

To search for a specific outcome, type the outcome name in the search field [2]. 

Select Outcome

In the list of outcomes, locate the outcome for reporting. Click the checkbox next to the outcome name.

Generate Outcome Report

Generate Outcome Report

Click the Generate outcome report button.

Select Report Details

Canvas | Outcomes Assessment, Pathways, & Folio Management

In the Generate outcome report window you can specify options for the report.

The outcome you selected displays in the Outcome drop-down menu [1]. To select a different outcome, click the Outcome drop-down menu [2] and select an option from the list of outcomes.

The outcome report can be filtered by date. To view outcome data for All Time or the Current Year, click the corresponding radio button [3]. To view outcome data for a specific date range, click the Custom Range radio button [4]. Enter the date range for the report using the Start Date and End Date fields [5].

You can define which assessment type(s) to include in the report. To include an assessment type, select the checkbox next to the assessment type name [6].

If an outcome is not in use for an assessment type, the assessment type name is grayed out [7].

Generate Report

Canvas | Outcomes Assessment, Pathways, & Folio Management

Click the Generate Report button. The outcome report downloads in your browser as a CSV file.

View Outcome Report

View the exported outcome data.