How do I view details for a pathway?

You can view a list of all pathways in your account on the Pathways page. On a pathway's details page, you can view details about the pathway, edit the pathway, enroll students, and view the progress of students through the pathway.

Open Pathways

Open Pathways

In the Toolbar, click the Pathways link.

View Pathways

On the Pathways page, you can view all the pathways in your account. Each pathway displays the pathway name [1], number of enrolled students [2], percentage of enrolled students that have started working on the pathway [3], percentage of enrolled students that have completed the pathway [4], and the number of pending reviews [5] (visible to reviewer roles).

Each pathway also displays a status [6]. Possible pathway statuses include published, draft, and archived.

To open a pathway, click the pathway name [7].

Open Pathway

The Pathway Details page displays overview information for the pathway, including the number of students enrolled, overall progress in the pathway, and applicable milestones [1]. To view more information about a milestone, including the milestone's requirements, click the Add icon [2].

The reviewers and coordinators for the pathway display in the Team members section [3].

If you are a reviewer, click the My Reviews tab [4] to view your reviews.

To edit any pathway details, click the Edit Pathway button [5].