How do I fulfill a project milestone in a pathway?

If you have been enrolled in a pathway, you can submit a project to fulfill a project milestone assigned by the pathway coordinator. You can create a new project, or select an existing project to submit.

When you have completed the assigned project, the pathway coordinator or reviewer will review your work and mark the requirement complete in the milestone.

Locate Project Milestone

Open the pathway and locate the project milestone. Then, click the Get Started card.

Select Submission Type

To start a new project, click the Start Requirement card [1]. Then, follow the steps to create a new project.

To start with an existing project, click the start with an existing project link [2].

Select Existing Project

Select Existing Project

If you have a project in your portfolio that you wish to submit, scroll to locate it in the list. Alternatively, you can search for a project by typing all or part of the title or topic in the Search your projects field [1].

To select a project, click the project card [2].

View Details and Select

View Details and Select

An assignment preview and any attachments display [1].

If they are available in the project, you can add additional fields to the submission:

  • To copy an item description to the submission, click the Description checkbox [2].
  • To add a list of demonstrated skills to the submission, click the Skills checkbox [3].
  • To add tags to the submission, click the Tags checkbox [4].

To select the project, click the Select Project button [5].

To cancel and view a different project, click the Cancel button [6].

Submit Requirement

To submit the requirement without making any changes, click the Submit Requirement button [1].

To edit the requirement before submitting, click the Edit Requirement button [2].

Edit Project and Submit

To preview the project, click the Preview button [1].

To save changes without submitting the project, click the Finish Later button [2].

To submit the edited project, click the Submit Requirement button [3].

View Completed Milestone

When the project is approved by the pathway coordinator and reviewers the completion date [1], and completion message [2] display.